DivX4 Bitrate Calc

DivX Digest (Freeware)

Bit rate is the amount of data being processed per unit of time – a video with a higher the bit rate per second means it has more information and, in general, offers higher quality.  To measure the bit rate of a DivX4 file, users can opt to use the DivX4 Bitrate Calculator.

The application is particularly handy when users want to find out what bit rate to use when they want to encode DivX 4 files.  It is quite simple to utilize:  individuals only need to enter the codec which, in this case, is DivX4xx; and then input how long the video or movie is in minutes and seconds.   They will then have to input both the audio bit rate, and the number of CDs, plus the size of the CDs.  The program will calculate the bit rate based on the information given.

DivX codecs, which includes H.264/MPEG-4 AVC DivX Plus HD and MPEG-4 Part 2 DivX, are popular choices for ripping and saving movies on discs.  Its primary strength is its capability in compressing relatively large movie segments into small files while still maintaining a high level of video quality.  With the DivX4 Bitrate Calculator, users can easily compute for DivX4 bit rates.