DivX Converter

DivX, Inc. (Freeware)

DivX Converter is a video converter application developed by DivX, Inc. This program converts and customizes digital videos into MKV and DivX formats. The DivX Converter supports multiple video formats including WMV, MOV and AVI. However, the DivX Pro program is required to access all the formats offered by the application.

The DivX Converter program offers five preset profiles. These profiles are types of media players where the converted DivX videos will be played. The preset profiles available in this program are DivX Plus HD, High Definition 720p, High Definition 1080, Mobile, and Home Theater.

The DivX Converter application offers a drag-and-drop feature that can be used to add the files to the main DivX Converter window. The conversion process comes in three steps. (1) add files, (2) set preset profile, and (3) start conversion. A dialog box will pop out to alert the user once the conversion process is done. An option to view the converted file right after encoding is also available.

This program can also be used to combine multiple videos. This is done by checking the “Combine all videos into one file” box. The DivX Converter program will automatically combine the files after encoding them. A DVD/MPEG-2 Plug-in is also available to encode SVCD, TS, VOB and MPG file formats.

Aside from combining and converting video files, the DivX Converter application also provides configuration options to set the encoded output. Available settings include changing the bitrate, audio pass through, resolution and file size. The program also has an option to select subtitle and audio tracks as well as the output folder where the converted file will be stored.