DivX Author

DivX Inc. (Shareware)

DivX Author is a program that enables users to create videos and slide shows in DivX format. DivX is a video codec that is capable of compressing large amounts of video data in a small-sized file while maintaining high visual quality. DivX Author provides features that are used to make DVD quality video files. Users can create an interactive menu where they can browse through video segments and chapters, create a subtitle menu containing subtitles of different languages, and attach different audio tracks in various languages into their video files. DivX Author allows users to import video files of any format, edit different video attributes such as dimensions, stream format, sampling rate, channel mode, quantization, and bitrate. This program also contains a built-in DVD simulator, which allows users to preview their creations.

DivX Author features a user interface that is divided into three main control parts. First part contains the menu tabs: Start, Source, Menu, Simulation, Output, and Options. The next part is the video list, which displays the video/s to be included in the project. Right-clicking on a video generates a list of actions such as cut-editor, subtitles editor, delete clip, duplicate clip, or rename clip. The next section is the command panel located on the right side of the program window. This panel contains buttons such as Add File, Source Wizard, Add a Slideshow, Cut-Edit, Subtitles Editor, and Delete Clip.