DivFix++ 0.34

Erdem U. Altinyurt (Freeware)

DivFix++ is an AVI repair tool developed by Turkish Erdem U. Altinyurt and released on June 2012. This program enables users to repair AVI video files with broken file streams.  DivFix++ does this by rebuilding the file’s broken index parts. This is particularly useful for users who preview movies without an index part. This usually happens when previewing AVI files that are not yet fully downloaded from online sources and Peer-to-peer networks.

DivFix++ features CLI tools support. This enables users to download a video to a temporary location. This temporary file can be previewed using the DivFix++. After preview, users can just delete the same or transfer it to a local path.

DivFix++ features a gray window user interface. The top portion features a check box to select Relative Output Folder and File. Users can also select the source folder path. To add AVI files for repair, click the Add Files button at the bottom left. Other buttons include the Remove Files and Clear List buttons. Once the repair process is started, users can either stop or pause the process by clicking the Stop or Pause buttons. Users can also click on Check Errors or Strip Index to manage a selected file. The main window shows the current files added, as well as their status shown in the Log Window. During repair process, users can also customize the program to cut out the bad ports, keep the original file, or try to recover key frames by ticking the corresponding check boxes.