Distant Worlds 3

Matrix Games Ltd. (Proprietary)

Distant Worlds 3 is a real-time strategy war game set in outer space. This game has the detail of turn-based games, the ease of real-time games, and the scale of massively multiplayer online games. The gameplay features up to fifty thousand planets, asteroids, and moons in as many as 1,400 star systems. In this game, players build, expand, and command vast starry empires through research, espionage, combat, trade, diplomacy, and research. As players explore other star systems, black holes, gas clouds, and other space elements, they will get to encounter and interact with other empires, space pirates, alien colonies, monsters, traders, and other in-game characters.

Since the game is pausable, players can play it in whichever way they like, whether they want to build their empire in a crowded galaxy or explore other galaxies first. As head of their empire, players are tasked to protect their territory from invaders. By providing security, trade and development will flourish, adding to the empire’s wealth and enabling players to explore and colonize other areas in space.

The third expansion to the game is titled Shadows, which features animated ground combat and a new ground combat tech tree. It also provides players with four different types of troops, namely special forces, armor, infantry, and planetary defenses.