Binary Fortress Software (Shareware)

Display Fusion is a program that enables users to manage their screen settings when using more than one monitor. This program features tools that are used to configure various display functions such as the desktop wallpaper, taskbar, windows, icons, and screensavers.

One of Display Fusion’s main features is its capability to synchronize desktop wallpapers into multiple screens. Users can use the program to assign an individual wallpaper per screen or assign a single wallpaper for both screens to make it look as if the two screens are merged. Users can load wallpaper images from their own computers or import it from online sources. In addition, Display Fusion has tools that enable users to tile, stretch, scale, crop, position, and tint the wallpaper images to fit multiple screens. Another feature of Display Fusion is its Multi-Monitor taskbars. This feature allows users to configure their taskbar to show all windows or individual windows located in a particular monitor. Users can also use various controls such as button grouping, auto-hide, window previews, and shortcuts to customize their Multi-Monitor Taskbar. Display Fusion also has various window management tools that enables users to move a program window seamlessly from one screen to the other. Users can also set the program to allow “Window Snapping” which lines up program windows with one another or along the edge of the screen. The program also includes features that allow users to set individual screensavers and assign desktop icon profiles to multiple screens.

In addition to these, Display Fusion allows users to configure various display settings such as resolution, color depth, refresh rate, and orientation. Users can save these configurations and load them using preset hotkeys.