DiskMax (Freeware)

DiskMax is an application that is used to clean hard drives by removing junk files. It is able to optimize a computer system’s performance. Detailed information is provided to the user after cleaning and scanning have been completed. Such information includes all available files, amount of deleted files, freed space, space intended for recovery, files that are queued for deletion, and elapsed time, among others.

The program’s interface is simple and contains a number of scanning profiles. A Help file is provided for users to have knowledge of and utilize the program. Profiles provided are “Complete”, “Standard”, “Detailed”, and “Quick”.  Using “Quick” mode, the computer’s Recycle Bin is emptied. Browsing information, cookies, search histories, and other temporary data from web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, among others, are also removed. Various files are handled using “Standard Mode.” They are files that are from previous Windows updates, orphaned installer files from Windows, user accounts, crash and repair information, instant messaging and multimedia caches, icon caches, diagnostic logs, window logs, and crash dumps, to name a few. The “Complete” and “Detailed” modes handle database and data optimization web browsers, event logs from Windows, prefetch optimizations, defragmentation of hard disks, deep computer scans, etc.  The amount of time it takes the program to scan and clean a system depends on the volume of current tasks. DiskMax makes use of a small amount of a computer system’s resources. A web browser which is currently open is automatically skipped by the program.