RoseCity Software (Shareware)

DiskMagik is a system tool that optimizes the system be defragmenting the fragmented files that are found in the computer. The program performs a complete scan of the computer to check the areas that are fragmented. It displays a visual representation of the different files in the system. A color coding system is displayed at the bottom of the main window, so users can see the state of the system. The upper portion of the window also shows a summary of the system including the number of fragmented files, percentage of free space, and the file or folder being processed.

One of the main features of DiskMagik is “Proactive Defragmentation”. This feature defragments the system in the background to keep it in tiptop condition at all times. The program is easy to use and even novice computer users will be able to operate it. Other features of the application are listed below:

• Users have complete control over the drives that need defragmenting
• Has a step-by-step wizard interface that takes users throughout the process of defragmentation
• Offers three types of defragmentation – advanced, complete, and quick
• Has scheduling options that user can set for automatic defragmentation of the computer
• Provides complete report of system optimization