DiskInternals Uneraser 5.1

DiskInternals Research (Shareware)

Many users, if not all, have experienced deleting files either by accident or on purpose, but later regretted having done so. Diskinternals Research, a software engineering company, has developed a solution to address this issue.  Its software, Diskinternals Uneraser, allows users to recover deleted or lost files.

Diskinternals Uneraser can recover: documents, such as PDF and DOC files; photos and images; audio, video, and other multimedia files; zip files; and just about any file type.  It can also recover encrypted and compressed files, as well as those stored in damaged disks and folders.  Moreover, it can retrieve data from formatted storage devices.

The program supports a wide range of storage media, such as flash drives, cameras, music players, external hard drives, memory sticks, and more.  In addition, Diskinternals Uneraser offers a preview so users can choose the files they want to recover.  This reduces the inconvenience of having to bring back unwanted files, or having to recover too many that are not necessary.  Recovered data can be saved in any storage device available.

Diskinternals Uneraser is a useful tool to recover files that have suffered from malware and viruses, those that have been lost due to hardware problems, or items that have been inadvertently deleted by someone else.