DiskInternals Excel Recovery 2.0

DiskInternals Research (Shareware)

DiskInternals Excel Recovery is a recovery tool specifically made to locate, identify, and recover Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The program works by finding any deleted XLS file in the hard drive and testing located files for possible recovery. It works even though the hard drive is badly damaged and even if the system files have been seriously corrupted. DiskInternals Excel Recovery works best in recovering recently deleted or corrupted files. It will scan the hard drive's entire surface if it needs to locate all of the XLS spreadsheets hidden from the active system. The program utilizes an advanced signature list facility which accurately detects the start and end of each retrieved Microsoft Excel file. This facility will then extract and validate the contents and the metadata of the XLS file whether they are related to the signature selected by the user or not.

DiskInternals Excel Recovery has the capacity to recover XLS files from any devices such as hard drives, CDs, DVDs, iPods, and floppy disks. It can also hoist data in this format from MP3 players, MicroDrives, Secure Digital Cards, Smart Memory Cards, and Zip disks, among others. It has a preview feature that generates a reviewable sample for users to check before restoring the entire document. The tool is designed to recover accidentally deleted Excel spreadsheets, unsaved documents, and even erased or formatted ones. Additionally, it has the capacity to restore spreadsheets that have already been emptied from the Recycle Bin.