DiskExplorer for FAT

Runtime Software (Shareware)

DiskExplorer for FAT is a tool that enables the user to navigate through the computer drive. It also allows for the recovery of erased files and creation of a virtual volume in situations wherein there is corruption or total loss of the boot record. This editor is capable of saving directories and individual files alike wherever they are contained in the drive.

This powerful yet easy to use program is a browser-style disk editor that has the following functionalities:
• Navigating through the FAT or root directory, boot record and partition table
• Jumping from one sector to another while browsing
• Switching from one view to another
• Searching for volume information while accessing the boot record
• Editing of drive content using the direct read-write mode
• All these features make data search and recovery easy tasks to do with this utility. It is an all-in-one disk editor that comes with multiple functionalities.

DiskExplorer for FAT gives the user a reliable tool while searching the drive for sub-directories, text, or boot records and partition tables. Aside from the expanded search features, also has the capacity to investigate any NTFS file system. DiskExplorer for FAT is a sophisticated tool that is fully equipped to inspect NT attributes, file entry details, and the master file table.