Disketch CD Label Software 3.07

NCH Software (Shareware)

Disketch CD Label Software is an application that enables users to create their own labels for CDs and DVDs. The program is easy to use even for novice computer users. Users can also import their own photos and images to be used on the labels. The application comes with several layout options, so users just need to select one from the list to start a project. The layouts available include CD and case on standard generic paper, DVD and case on generic paper, direct to disc, or stationery. There is also an option to use a custom layout for printing.

The program’s interface consists of the command buttons that are located on the top portion of the window. The buttons include New, Open, Save, Add Text, Add Images, Add Details, and Print. The work area is where users can view a preview of the project. On the right side of the window, users can change the properties of the different objects that are placed on the work area.

Other features of the Disketch CD Label Software are the following:

• Simple and easy to use even for novice computer users
• Support for printing labels directly to disk, as long as users have the supported hardware
• Can print on different types of paper
• Support for easy moving and layering of images and text