Diskeeper Lite 8.0.479

Condusiv Technologies (Shareware)

Diskeeper Lite is a utility developed by Condusiv Technologies to ensure that computer systems are at their optimum performance. In maintaining computer systems there is a necessity to defragment the hard disk in order to correct the assigned distribution. When fragmentation is eliminated, performance is definitely enhanced. This program is intended for the optimization of Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is a useful automatic defragmentation program that is applicable for both home and business use. Aside from defragmentation of drives, it is also designed to prevent file fragmentation.

Diskeeper Lite performs the following tasks effectively:

• Optimization of laptop, PC, and server systems performance
• Ensures that all applications being used are at peak levels
• Increases productivity at the workplace
• Has very useful reporting and alerting mechanism

This powerful utility works effectively and straightforwardly by immediately detecting disorganized files and arranging them without delay. The set of controls is very easy to use and includes “Information,” “Enable,” “Not Available,” and “Disable.” Settings are also customizable and easy to set up. Its main features are:

• Central management console deploys across the network without  incident
• Simple user interface
• Automatic detection of fragmentation levels upon analysis
• Puts regularly and frequently accessed files in the fastest area