Diskeeper 16.0.1017.0

Diskeeper Corporation (Shareware)

Diskeeper is a file system fragmentation software developed by Diskeeper and released on October 2012. Diskeeper is a disk defragmenter software that resolves file system fragmentation of disk partitions of disk storage devices. Not only that, Diskeeper prevents further disk fragmentation by data writing optimization. Diskeeper is also capable of executing disk defragmentation using merely idle system resources. Defragmentation is the process of organizing data in a disk storage device and compacting large regions of free space to prevent fragmentation.

Diskeeper features a simple window user interface. Users may also enable the Quick Launch pane to access the frequently used commands in Diskeeper. This program is also accessible as a toolbar which allows users to customize the defragmentation options. It features configuration options for power management, file exclusions, permissions, proxy settings, and Volume Shadow Copy. Diskeeper also allows users to set defragmentation options whether automatic or manual. This program also enables users to set the CPU priority during defragmentation.

Diskeeper features Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology or I-FAAST. I-FAAST enables users to determine the file usage frequency. Frequently used files are segregated and transferred to the best disc portion for easier access. This helps prevent further disc fragmentation.
Diskeeper is available in six different versions—Home, Pro Premier, Professional, Server, Home Server, and Enterprise Server. Diskeeper also comes with Diskeepeer Administrator to manage Diskeeper installed in multiple systems.