Disk SpeedUp 1.4

Glarysoft Ltd (Bundled)

Disk SpeekUp is a defragmentation tool that optimizes the computer’s disks to improve its overall performance. The application detects all the fragmented parts of the disk and defragments them. Doing this makes it faster for applications to launch and allows users to search for files quicker. The program’s main interface consists of several functions. There are two tabs present on the main window – Defrag Show and Settings. Under the Defrag Show tab, there are three parts – Defrag Now, Auto Defrag, and Schedule.

Under Defrag Now, users can choose a drive to defragment. Users can see the progress on the bar beside the drive. There is also a visual representation of the drive under the General tab. Other information that can be viewed includes the used space, the free space, the number of files analyzed, number of fragmented files, and the overall progress. Users can also set a schedule for scanning the computer. There are preset schedules, but users can also customize the settings according to their needs. Additionally, Disk SpeedUp provides advanced options for advanced computer users.

Other features of the Disk SpeedUp application are the following:
• Includes an optimization tool
• Support for single folders and files
• User friendly interface