Lex Lechz (Freeware)

Disk-Manager is a comprehensive program that allows the basic management of disc images for systems such as MSX emulators. MSX emulators virtualize the hardware and some software necessary to run programs that used to be executed by older MSX architecture on newer computer systems. MSX was an attempt towards the standardization of hardware – one jointly developed by ASCII Corporation and Microsoft Japan in the early 80s. These MSX machines were widespread in many countries and regions, albeit not in the United States. This has necessitated the development of said emulators, specifically for purposes such as playing old video games on new systems.

Disk-Manager allows numerous types of transfer and modification to MSX emulator disk images. The program permits the generation of new images, the direct copying of image to disk and disk to image, the removal of files, and the renaming of files. By dragging and dropping the images in one’s system, the user can extract files and add them. Other peripheral features of this program include the editing of the files’ volume labels, as well as the addition and enhancement of context menu features. This program also helps maintain the integrity of the system, files managed, and games played via the management of disk errors that may occur during operation.