Disk Drive Administrator 10.0

Softstack (Shareware)

Disk Drive Administrator is a utility for protecting computer drives and the important files inside them. This user-friendly program allows even non-IT personnel to quickly safeguard sensitive data in company databases. Moreover, this application offers a twin-defense approach: concealment and/or password protection.

The user interface of Disk Drive Administrator is very simple and easy to understand. After installation, users can launch the program from the desktop shortcut. The main program window shows all possible computer drive letters from A to Z regardless if the physical drive themselves are connected or not. It is therefore possible to do preventive measures even before drives are connected to the computer where Disk Drive Administrator is installed.

Users can choose to Hide and/or Lock option boxes under each drive letter. After doing so, the program will display a text box where a custom password can be created. Different passwords can be assigned to different drive letters. There is also an option to disable the autorun function of external disks as a first line of defense versus harmful spyware, Trojans, and other malicious codes. Another notable feature of this program is its ability to encrypt and conceal disk drives in other computers. This is possible if the drives are shared in the same local area network.