Disk Defrag Professional

Auslogics (Shareware)

Disk Defrag Professional is a defragmentation program developed and published by Auslogics Software Pty Ltd. It was first released in 2007. Its main use is for defragmenting folders and files on a selected hard drive. However, it is also capable of optimizing file placement and consolidating free space using various criteria. These functions are done to help computers run at optimum performance.

The Professional edition of Disk Defrag provides all features available in the Standard edition including optimizing, defragmenting, and scheduling tasks. However, it also offers advanced features such as added customization for basic operations, information descriptions and reports about each action performed by the program, and interactive cluster maps. Interactive cluster maps allow users to view how files and folders in a hard drive are placed. It also enables users to preview each individual block so users can view all the files located on that block as well as their status. An option for defragmenting individual blocks is available as well.

Disk Defrag Professional features four optimization techniques such as by last file access, by Prefetch layout, by disk zone, or by change time. It also has the ability to perform defragmentation on locked system files like Registry files, Hibernation, MFT, and Windows Paging. The program’s settings window also offers different options giving users total control over the program’s functions.