Disk Defrag

Auslogics (Freeware)

Disk Defrag is a defragment program developed by Auslogics initially released in 2006. It is mainly used for defragment files, which can also optimize the computer’s system. Disk Defrag also features free space consolidation. It merges free space together to prevent file fragmentation. It also offers System Files Smart Placement. This feature defragments system files and transfers them to the hard disk’s fastest area allowing the system to access these files quickly.

To prevent regular files to be stored in the MFT Reserved Zone, Disk Defrag transfers the regular files to other location allowing NTSF to reserve the space for MFT records only. Disk Defrag also lets users choose whether to defragment selected files or the entire drive. Users can defragment single files, multiple files or an entire folder. After Disk Defrag completes the defragment process, the program will list all the fragmented files allowing users to highlight the location of fragments. This list allows users to select files to defragment or to include in the ignore list.

The program also features auto-defragmentation. When this feature is enabled, the application works in real time even if the computer system is in idle mode. Defragment process will run in the system’s background only. Customizing Disk Defrag is also possible with this program. Disk Defrag offers different settings like Windows Explorer integration and minimize to system tray. Users can also choose to shut down the computer after the defragmenting process is finished.