Disk Defrag Free

Auslogics (Freeware)

Disk Defrag Free is an application that defragments the system to optimize its performance. When the system is defragmented, all the parts of a file are sectioned together so that it takes less time to launch them on the system.

Main features of the application include the following:

• Defragment and Optimize – The program does not only defragment the system. It also optimizes it to achieve maximum performance from the computer.
• Auto-Defragmentation – Disk Defrag has an automatic defragmentation feature that starts the process as soon as it detects that the system is idle. Defragmentation is done in the background so users can continue other computer activities while the program defragments.
• System Files Smart Placement – This feature is designed to utilize more space in the disk. It places files that are regularly used to areas of the disk that are fast.
• Program Customization – The application allows the user to customize the behavior of the application. The computer can be shut down after the defragmentation process or it can also be minimized.
• Log of Fragmented Files – The program lists all the fragmented files after it does a scan of the system. This allows advanced computer users to see which files are the most fragmented.