Disk Cleaner Free

Baisvik (Shareware)

Baisvik Disk Cleaner is an application that cleans the system and gets rid of junk files and errors that may be causing the system to slow down. The program scans different parts of the computer including the recycle bin, temporary files and folders, history, web browser, and many others. It offers three scan methods, which are the following:

• Fast Scan – In fast scan, the application looks for junk files and errors in the system where they are most commonly found. This scan method offers a quick scan of the system and should be done weekly.
• Standard Scan – In standard scan, the application performs an advanced search of all the components of the computer. This takes longer to complete and should be done twice a month.
• Full Scan – In full scan, the program searches all the drives in the computer to search for errors and junk files. This scan method should be used once a month to keep the system clean.

After scanning the system, the program displays the results. It includes the number of junk files that were found in the system and how much space will be freed up once the junk files are removed. The files are also separated in different categories to allow users to see which system components have the most junk files.