Disk Checker 3.3

RS Software Lab (Shareware)

Disk Checker is an application that looks for errors in disk drives. It scans every file and folder in the computer. It then lists down what files are corrupted. It also lists down those that are incomplete. Once the scanning is complete, it fixes the errors that are discovered. If the errors cannot be repaired, the program gives the user the option to remove the corrupted files completely. The application has four scan modes.

• Direct Access - In this mode, a specific drive is selected. It then scans the specified drive and fixes the corrupted files immediately.
• Thorough Scan - In this mode, the application completely scans all the drives in the computer. It takes some time for this type of scan to complete. Because of that, the program indicates the time it willl take to complete the scan. It also displays the current drive that is being scanned. Additionally, it provides a list of the files and folders that are already scanned, and are currently being scanned.
• File Access - In this mode, a specific file (or folder) is scanned.
• Disk Image - A partition can be formatted in this mode. When formatting is done, all the contents of the partition will be removed. In this mode, the user can also select to create a backup copy of all the files in the partition.