Padus Incorporated (Shareware)

DiscJuggler is a professional-level CD and DVD recording program that was developed by Padus Inc and was released in 2006. This program can duplicate multiple CDs simultaneously and has the ability to instantly drive multiple external CD recorders as well as creating any existing standard CD. DiscJuggler also features audio CD duplication that supports PQ and R-W subcodes, and on-the-fly audio stream resynchronization and software regeneration of ECC/EDC and scrambling. This program was designed to write CDI disc images. CDI is a CD format used in the game console Dreamcast. Another feature allows users to share their PC disc writing drives to other computers using DiscJuggler by means of a Local Access Network connection. In addition, DiscJuggler has added DVD+R Dual layer support, 5X DVD-RAM support, added printer page layout control, as well as changed time calculation of variable bit-rate MP3 files.

DiscJuggler provides a collapsible directory tree, which enables users to easily locate optical disc data in their computers and to view a map of all available burning drives attached to the PC or connected to a network. The bottom part of the explorer tab displays the disc information and log section where users may view the progress of optical disc burning tasks. The program allows users to select between several tasks such as: Create New CD/s, Create New DVD/s, and “Create MP3s, WMAs, WAVs, and CD Compilations”. Other tasks includes: Copy CDs and DVDs from the same Burner, Copy CDs and DVDs on-the-fly, Copy CD and DVD images, Burn CD and DVD images, and Erase CDs and DVDs. Users can set DiscJuggler to remember tasks by checking the “Load and Save task settings” tickbox on the new task page. DiscJuggler can also be configured to automatically run during startup.