Disciples: Sacred Lands

Strategy First (Proprietary)

Disciples: Sacred Lands is a turn-based strategy game. It is set in Sacred Lands, a fantasy world in which a battle for dominance is currently being fought. The game has four competing races or factions, each with their own set of unique traits and magical abilities: Undead Hordes, consisting of the undead; Legions of the Damned, consisting of demons; Mountain Clans, made up of dwarves; and The Empire, which is made up of humans.

Disciples: Sacred Lands is a mix of role playing and turn-based strategy in which characters and units gain experience. The tactics of the game are all about setting up the ideal combat conditions, and involves actions that players perform outside of combat. These include the following:
• Putting soldiers in an ideal combat formation
• Selecting the right units for the task at hand
• Using Thief units to assassinate, disorganize, or poison enemy soldiers
• Leveling up the generals and soldiers
• Casting spells to summon, damage, curse, or bless

A large part of the gameplay involves gathering resources, and in many instances, cutting enemies off all resources may be the only way to achieve victory. By converting the enemies’ capital with the players’ own towns and converting the enemy land to their own purposes, players will be able to weaken their enemies while strengthening their own forces.