Sony Creative Software Inc (Freeware)

Disc2Phone is an application that can send music from the computer to a Sony Ericsson mobile phone. It can also send music to a memory stick. Transferring music from the computer (or from a CD in the disk drive) can be done by first installing the software and then connecting the Sony Ericsson phone to the computer. The software has three panes. The "music source pane" contains the music library of the computer. The "transfer list pane" contains the list of music files that will be transferred. The "phone tracks pane" contains the phone's music library. Move music by the dragging the music files from the music source pane to the transfer list.

Entire folders of music can be transferred, not just individual tracks. If there are mistakes, there are two buttons at the top portion of the program. Music can be shuffled, enabling the user to listen to songs in random order. Bitrates can be adjusted as well. Higher bit rates mean higher quality, though it will take up more space in the mobile phone. Once all song tracks have been transferred, the software notifies the user if it is safe to unplug the mobile phone. The song tracks will appear on the phone once it has been disconnected.