Dirt Track Racing 2

Ratbag Games (Shareware)

Dirt Track Racing 2 is a dirt track racing game developed by Ratbag Games and released on 2002. This is the final instalment from the developer’s dirt track games. This game features the amazing ability of running against numerous opponents. There are two modes available: single player career mode and multiplayer. Objectives may vary depending on what mode is played.

On single campaigns, first person perspective developing of character is determined by earning enough money to rise from the lowest class to world class in racing. At the first level of Dirt Track Racing 2, players will be given enough starting money to buy the vital machines and parts. They need to pay their entry fees using the same money, too. The succeeding levels would allow them to earn money by performing different strategies. Career mode will feel realistic since aside from earning remuneration by wining several series, winning also entails attracting potential sponsors to allow better racing car options.  

For Multiplayer mode, the main goal is to best 9 other human opponents in quick race games. The game showcases 7 real life and 7 fictional tracks, making it 14 in total. The list includes: Bloomington Speedway from lifted from Indiana and Spindale from Delaware.

Players of career mode in Dirt Track Racing 2 is permitted to do car-tuning options that involves chassis, wheels, brake strength, steering lock and other miscellaneous car part essentials. It is important to know what parts should be bought to stay competitive and beat opponents. If they are able to do this, there is a greater chance of buying good performing cars.