Dirt 3

Codemasters Southam (Proprietary)

Dirt 3 is a rally video game from Codemasters. It is part of the Dirt series of video games. Rally is a type of racing that involves customized cars that compete in public roads. In the game's campaign mode, the player is tasked to compete in races across various places. This is done for the overall goal of earning reputation scores. When the player's reputation grows, access to new vehicles can be unlocked. New vehicles in-game are given by sponsors. The cars given by the sponsors depend on the player's reputation points.

Dirt 3 also has a variety of unique game modes. In gymkhana mode, the player races in courses that have obstacles. This type of race circuit encourages the player to perform tricks. Performing tricks can net the player reputation points. A Hardcore mode puts the player in first-person view. This means the player only sees the race track from inside the race car. When matches are finished in hardcore mode, the replay can be uploaded to YouTube, a video sharing site. Other modes are objective-based. Some examples include capturing flags and smashing targets.

Dirt 3 features various terrain types. Various weather conditions can also happen during races. Rallying locations include stages in America, Africa, and Europe. The game allows the player to collect race cars, which dates back from the sixties up to the modern era of rally racing.