Dirk Dashing

My Game Company (Shareware)

Dirk Dashing is a platform game developed by My Game Company. The simple gameplay requires players to perform certain actions such as jump, move, and throw. The game’s plot follows the adventures of a notorious jewel thief named Pique Pockette, who has managed to steal the seven largest and most precious diamonds in the world. The player assumes the role of Dirk Dashing, who is one of the best agents of G.O.O.D. As Dirk, the player must follow Pique around the world and get back all of the diamonds. In this adventure, the player must also fight members of E.V.I.L. that are also looking for the gems. Other obstacles that the player will encounter are booby traps, puzzles, and icy threats.

Dirk Dashing offers 30 levels of playing, each labeled with clever wordplay like Forgive Me, It’s Not My Vault and Snow Pain, Snow Gain. The player can control the character using a keyboard or a typical gamepad. Throwing grenades at enemies will cause them to fall asleep temporarily and give Dirk an advantage in the pursuit. Occasional power-ups like footwear with springs and X-ray abilities. Once Dirk is captured by the enemy and dies, the player starts the game from the very beginning. In order to save the game’s progress, the player must go to the main menu every now and then to click the Save button.