Directory Printer 4.1

Glenn Alcott Software (Shareware)

Directory Printer is used for exporting and printing directories or contents of folders. Exported lists can be used as reference for file and information management. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use even for novice computer users. When creating a list, the program does not only record filenames, but also file information, such as date when it was last modified, total size of the file, file extension, version number, and the file type.

The program’s main window is divided into different sections. Users can select the directory to print out from the “Directories” menu, which displays a tree view of folders and sub folders. Under the “Options” window, users can select the options for exporting, such as including or excluding headers, hidden system files, and subdirectories. Under the “File Information” section, there is a checklist where users can set what type of information to include when the list is exported. Other options that users can change are the number of columns, the orientation of pages, and the order of files.

More features of the program are:
• Support for exporting CSV HTML, and ASCII text
• Users have the option of fields to be printed out
• Users can print one directory or the entire tree