Directory Lister 1.51

KRKsoft (Shareware)

Directory Lister creates a list of all the files inside folders. The list can be saved on the hard drive or sent via email for reference. The program is used for managing a large number of files or for keeping track of the important documents that are stored in the computer. Lists can be created in text, CSV, or HTML format, and be imported to Microsoft Excel. The list generated by the program includes information, such as the filename, size of the file, last write date, title, album, and the attributes. The software also comes with a preview window where users can view what the final list will look like.

Directory Lister is a program that is easy to use. All the commands for doing tasks can be found on the program’s main menu. Some of the commands are save listing, print listing, save configuration, print preview, and send listing. The program also has a standard columns page where users can see the different attributes and properties for the files. The columns that can appear on the listing include the path, extension, type, owner, drive volume label, and the last access date.

The program comes with some help topics that cover different areas of the program. Users can also visit the homepage or contact the support team via email to get more help.