Directory Compare 3.46

Juan M. Aguirregabiria (Freeware)

Directory Compare is a program that enables users to compare and synchronize two or more document folders or directories. Its support for multiple directory comparison allows users to set numerous locations as source and target folders for comparison. Its practical significance is in enabling users to keep copies of their files in a backup disk or another storage location and synchronize these as they make changes to their files.

Backups can be made automatically or manually through the program interface. Users can also update the contents of one directory as necessary. There are options available that let users specify the actions to be done in certain situations, as when there are two files that have the same time stamp but may have different content. Users can also set up multiple filters so they can narrow down the files that they want included or excluded from the synchronization process.

The straightforward and intuitive interface makes this application easy to use, especially for beginners. Directory Compare is a useful tool to ensure that the files in multiple storage devices are in sync, which makes it easy for users to organize files, such as music playlists. It is also a handy tool to make sure that important projects are backed up in case of system crashes.