Director 11.5

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Director 11.5 or Adobe Director is a multimedia application suite. The program supports over 40 video, image, and audio file formats. It also has built-in H.264 video support for playing high definition videos, application, and games. Apart from that, Director 11.5 uses RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) for streaming audio and video via the Internet. The program’s interface is fully customizable. Users can dock windows, view components in tabs, and manage assets for a more effective workflow.

Here are more features of Director 11.5:
Enhanced script browser (click-and-script for easy access to information)
Bitmap filters
Powerful 3D support (ready-made 3D models on Google SketchUp)
Enhanced rendering engine
Lingo scripting language

Director 11.5 also has DVD video capabilities. Users can mix DVD content with other types of media to create multimedia projects. Users can also include DVD movie navigation by choosing from the three built-in styles. With Director 11.5, users have endless opportunities with added features. Users can make use of Xtras to improve projects, user other Adobe programs (Photoshop, Flash Professional, etc.), and access binary data. The program comes with the NVIDIA PhysX. This allows users to create simulations that are realistic. This can be used for building game environments.