Direct WAV MP3 Splitter

Piston Software (Shareware)

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is used for splitting audio files into smaller pieces. Users can input MP3 and WAV files, but the resulting file can only be saved in MP3 format. The program’s main interface is simple and intuitive. The command buttons are located at the top portion of the window. The Info Panel displays the Waveform view, File Information, and the TAG Information. Audio files can be split in three ways – manual split, split by parts, and pause detection. Users can input the start position and the end position for the portion that must be cut out from the entire audio file. The duration is also displayed on the main window. The splitlist panel is shown at the bottom part of the main window. This panel shows all the items that were split including other information, such as the start time, end time, length of the clip, the title, artist, album, and others.

Other features of the Direct WAV MP3 Splitter are the following:
• Support for assigning of hotkeys for all the operations
• Support for splitting of files that are more than 1Gb in size
• Built-in player for previewing clips
• Automatic numbering of tracks
• Split audio files into equal-sized segments