Direct MP3 Splitter

Piston Software (Freeware)

Direct MP3 Splitter is a software application that allows users to split MP3 audio files into portions that are easier and more convenient to manage. Users who handle MP3 files on a regular basis will be able edit large audio files more effectively when they are divided into smaller chunks, and this program offers this possibility without the need for recompression. To save time on manually identifying the sections in the MP3 file, this program detects pauses and silent moments within the track  automatically and splits them in the process.

Apart from MP3s, the Direct MP3 Splitter also divides WAV files into several section based on length or time interval. One of the features of this application is the WAV cutter, which enables users to manage different file formats, including CUE files. This program can split WAV files of any size – even very large audio tracks. The MP3 cutter feature supports MP3 sub-formats and the resulting tracks can be played back seamlessly on common devices. The files can also be viewed via the program’s sound graphics feature. Each split section is automatically labeled by the program, so that users can set them apart easily when the process is finished. The graphical user interface enables users to import audio files by simply using the drag and drop function.