Direct Folders 3.73

Code Sector Inc. (Shareware)

Direct Folders is an application that allows the user to directly access favorite and recent folders. The program lets the user go directly to any folder, however deep it is located in the directory, with a single click. With the ClickSwitch feature, the file dialog immediately goes to the folder already opened in Directory Opus, Explorer, or Total Commander. The program also automatically resizes the user’s file dialog to enable the viewing of larger number of files, with much lesser scrolling action. Depending on the opened application, the program automatically switches the folder view to thumbnails, details, or list. The user can set the preferred set of default file sort order for each of the system’s applications for opening and saving documents, either fixed or those whose last folder was accessed.    

Direct Folders can be accessed several ways, one of which is double-clicking in any desktop area, or in any Explorer or File Open/File Save dialog box to bring up the menu. The user can also enable Info Panel where file dialogs show the folder’s full path and free space. The program enhances the dialog boxes with two buttons, one of which has a clock and opens the menu with recently accessed folders in the dialog boxes (File Open, File Save, and Browse for Folder).