Direct Connect

Atheros Communication (Proprietary)

Direct Connect enables the user to connect 2 or more devices with enabled Wi-Fi. It creates a wireless network connectivity without transmitting through access points. The user can share data or content from the Internet or from mobile networks with 3G capability to other Wi-Fi enabled devices present like smartphones, computers, and tablets. The feature works indoors and outdoors and can support device to device connections.

Direct Connect allows the user to connect devices via Wi-Fi. Connected devices can share content to the Internet or to other devices. It works indoors and outdoors with Wi-Fi enabled devises. The program allows the user to connect up to 10 other devices with Wi-Fi directly without connecting to an access point. It allows for peer to peer connections between devices like computers, cameras, smartphones, gaming devices and printers or one device to all other devices simultaneously like the user’s computer connected to smartphones, printers, camera, and other mobile devices. Devices like cameras can directly connect via Wi-Fi to printers to print photos. The user can share data or content in real time from devices to the Internet, devices to other devices and the Internet to device.

Other features of Direct Connect:

• Allows devices to maintain connection during switching with other peer devices.
• One button protected set-up configuration for Wi-Fi and security.
• Supports discovery protocol for browsers.