Din's Curse

Soldak Entertainment (Shareware)

Din's Curse is an action computer game that was first released in 2010. In this game, the god Din curses the character to live a second life. This is due to all the mess the character has caused during his first life. His mission is to explore Aleria. While doing that, he must save people and towns that are on the verge of destruction.

Din’s Curse can be played solo or with other players through the game’s multiplayer mode. It is a hack and slash type of game where the players point the mouse to enemies to trigger an attack. The game generates dungeons and enemies on the fly. During the course of the game, items can be picked up to be sold for money. Other items that are picked can be weapons and armors that can be equipped immediately. Money that can be obtained from selling can be used to buy in-game items. These include potions, weapons, and armor. Killing of enemies can earn the player experience points. Gaining enough experience points can cause the character to gain a level. Gaining a level enables the character to learn new skills. The game can be played in various difficulties - from easy mode to hardcore mode. In Hardcore mode, the character does not respawn when killed.