DinoCapture Application 2.0

Anmo (Freeware)

The DinoCapture Application is a tool that enables users to access the different video features developed by Anmo for its Dino-Lite products, such as their USB microscopes. This application is primarily used for capturing real-time video, photos and screenshots, and time-lapsed videos of images seen in the USB microscopes. The captured video files may be saved, inserted to another program, and attached to emails for sending to contacts. Captured images may be saved in various formats and also printed out if preferred.

This application comes with advanced image processing features and measurement options such as circle, radius, line, and angles. The measurements can be seen live and may also be included with the captured images. Users can also add notes to captured images and connect multiple microscopes to one central computer.

The program features an intuitive graphical user interface and may be used by both beginners and advanced computer users. Users who need help with the program’s technical features may access the online help feature or send an email to customer support. It updates automatically whenever the user connects to the Internet. The DinoCapture Application is considered as an accessory which may be downloaded from the Dino-Lite site, but a version of it comes with the standard Dine-Lite package.