Capcom (Proprietary)

Dino Crisis, a video game developed by Capcom Production Studio, is packed with action, horror and adventure suitable for adult gamers. The plot revolves around the characters of Regina and Dylan who are sent to a rescue mission to save mankind. They, along with the whole city, have been transported to a time where dinosaurs abound. That being the scenario, the two characters need to navigate around killing dinosaurs, countering attacks, and earning extinction points. These points act as currency that enables the players to purchase whatever is needed in the mission.

Throughout the game, the players can utilize computer stations where they can spend their extinction points on weapon upgrades and health packs. They also need to pick up bandages to prevent the draining of their health bars. The characters need to look for data files that will enable them to progress and know more about the details of missions. There are special files called Dino Files that give off not just information but also unlimited ammunition.

Once the game has been completed, the player has an opportunity to play with bonus modes known as Dino Coliseum and Dino Duel. The former is played on survival mode wherein the chosen character needs to defeat powerful dinosaurs. Meanwhile, the latter allows the player to take control of dinosaurs.