Diner Dash - Seasonal Snack Pack

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Diner Dash - Seasonal Snack Pack is a time management game that involves a handful of restaurants, all of which need customers. The player has to move the character named Flo through the restaurants so that the required tasks are all completed in time. Players can look forward to a total of 50 levels of play and enjoy the challenges and rewards from two game modes. For new players, detailed instructions are available in the in-game help section. Any question that the player has will be answered for a smooth, fun, and enjoyable game time.

This fast-paced game by WildTangent, Inc. brings players to a journey involving five restaurants, which are Romantic Rendezvous, Crypt Café, Coral Cove Café, Winter Wonderland, and Hometown Harvest. This game includes adventures spread across different seasons. Flo and Grandma are reminiscing about the holidays, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and summer. Diner Dash - Seasonal Snack Pack features extra features as well as restaurant upgrades that help Flo see to the satisfaction of customers for bigger tips.

This time management game may be downloaded via wireless Internet connection. It takes up a very small space on the hard disk. Diner Dash - Seasonal Snack Pack is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows XP.