Diner Dash Hometown Hero - Gourmet

Playfirst, Inc. (Shareware)

Diner Dash Hometown Hero—Gourmet is a restaurant management game. It is the fourth sequel in the series of Diner Dash games. Here, Flo, the restaurateur, continues her entrepreneurial pursuit as she returns to her hometown to rescue it from mediocrity.

This sequel contains the core elements that popularized its predecessors. For players who are unfamiliar with how the game runs, the requirement is to get into Flo’s shoes and operate different restaurants to achieve various goals. As a restaurant keeper, Flo’s usual tasks include seating the customers at their color-designated tables, taking and serving their orders, collecting customer payments and tips, and clearing the tables or bars. When the game gets tougher, she finds that she needs to do more stuff, such as clean up the floor because of spilled drinks, take photographs of tourists, push tables together for larger groups of customers, bring treats and desserts, and make sure that waiting customers remain patient. Flo needs to collect a certain amount of money by closing time. The amount dictates whether the player gets an expert mark as well as what kind of upgrades can be added to the budding restaurant.

Players that achieve expert marks can access Expert Levels. One of these is Boardwalk Beach Shack, in which families come with a mixture of teenagers, seniors, and mothers with babies. There are four more secret levels that would test Flo’s restaurant management skills.