DigitalPersona Pro

DigitalPersona, Inc. (Shareware)

The DigitalPersona Pro application is an authentication and access management tool for networks. It supports networks of laptops, desktop computers, shared workstations, and kiosks. The program makes use of strong authentication technologies to ensure security. Security for all computers in a network can be managed using one central machine. The Centralized Management feature of the software allows supervisors to set security policies, monitor computer activity, and secure access to the network. The program can be set so that changes made to a computer must be permitted by the supervisor.

Other features of the DigitalPersona Pro software include the following:
Optional secondary authentication
Fast user switching (roaming feature)
IT assisted recovery to avoid lockout
Centralized reporting of computer activities
Emergency access recovery
SSO (single sign on)

One of the features of DigitalPersona Pro is combining different security systems for accessing data. The program can make use of passwords or PIN codes, biometrics (fingerprints, facial recognition), and items (Bluetooth phones, smart cards, etc) for authentication. This makes sure that the network cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

The DigitalPersona Pro application is available in two versions – Enterprise, and Workgroup SaaS. The program is used by corporations, health care services, financial institutions, and government agencies.