Digital Voice Editor 3.3.01

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Digital Voice Editor is an audio editing program initially released on April 13, 2010 by Sony Corporation. It is used for performing different audio tasks on the audio files recorded from a Sony IC device. The program can be used to save recorded messages. It can also be used to add messages stored in a computer to the Sony IC recorder. Messages can also be edited. It can divide a single message into two or combine multiple messages (up to 5) into one. Users may also use the program for converting file formats. Converting recorded messages into MP3 file format is also possible.

Digital Voice Editor offers a CD burning function through the CD Burning Tool for DVE. This function is used for adding messages from Windows Explorer or the Digital Voice Editor window to the CD Burning Tool for DVE utility then burn the added message as an audio or data CD. The program also has CD recording function, which can be accessed through the CD Recording Tool for DVE. This function enables users to convert CD tracks into a format supported by the program then save then the converted files to the computer. The application also has a Player Pane where all the playback options are provided.

Other functions of this program include the following:

• Transfer messages from PC to IC recorder
• Send voice messages using MAPI email software
• Use transcribing keys for playing back a message then transcribing it using an editor or word-processor
• Transcribe recorded messages via Dragon NaturallySpeaking software