Digital Photo Professional 3.13.0

CANON INC. (Freeware)

Digital Photo Professional is a software that can process EOS camera captured JPEG and RAW images.
Aside from the distortion correction and lens aberration features of the system, it now includes image composting, High Dynamic Range Imaging, and a Digital Lens Optimizer.  

Digital Lens Optimizer enables the quality of pictures shot with a spectrum of Canon cameras and different kinds of lenses to be improved. It has the ability to correct diffraction loss and seven kinds of lens aberrations.  The latter are comprised of astigmatism, sagittal halo, curvature of field, spherical aberration, chromatic aberration with regards to magnification, and axial chromatic aberration.  All these aberrations are represented by either image or color blurring, and image streaking in different areas of a captured image.  While using this feature, it is advised that image sharpening be set to zero. High Dynamic Range Imaging allows for the look and feel of the image to be edited. It allows a user to control an image‚Äôs brightness, contrast, sharpness, white balance, color, tone, fineness, and smoothness, to name a few. Image Presets can also be specified such as Art Bold, Art Embossed, Art Vivid, or Art Standard. Digital Photo Professional allows a combination of images to be places in a single frame to signify movement. Subjects with notably different exposures can also be put together in a single image.  Composting tools also provide Lighten, Darken, Average and Add options for image editing.