Digital Media Doctor

LC Technology Inc (Shareware)

Digital Media Doctor is a software utility that provides users with the ability to assess the integrity of various digital media. It id developed by the company, LC Technology and is useful to anyone who uses digital media on a regular basis, like amateur and professional photographers. Through this program, users are allowed to perform various assessment tasks such as testing, benchmarking, and creating reports on the general capability of various types of digital media. The program provides diagnostic tests based on certain algorithms in order to determine the performance of the digital media being used.

Digital Media Doctor supports numerous FireWire, USB, and other types of digital media readers. It can also evaluate removable digital media used in Windows CE devices, Camcorders, digital cameras, multimedia players, digital recorders, and Palm Pilots among others. Diagnotic tests and benchmarks include sequential, butterfly, and random read and write tasks and the repair features give users the ability to backup, format, restore, and wipe digital media. Since write tests will write over existing data on the media, users are advised to double check the media contents before subjecting it to write tests. Once all the tests are completed, the program shows a detailed report of the media’s overall performance.