Digital Guitar Tuner 2.3 (Freeware)

Digital Guitar Tuner is a program that enables users to tune guitars that are connected to the computer. Tuning can also be done through a microphone that is connected to the computer. The program comes with built-in tuning types, so users can tune their guitars from a wide variety of options. Some of the tuning options include standard tuning, Hawaiian tuning, fourths, modal tuning, and many others.

The program’s interface shows a background of a guitar and a small status section that shows the tuning used, the condition, the device connected, and the status of the tuner. When the tuner is off, the background of the status section is green. When tuning is in progress, the window has a red background. There are also several settings under the Options window. The general options of the program enable users to display the percentage of tuning progress, as well as enable or disable the information box on the interface. Other settings include MIDI output device, noise level, volume setting, and the guitar input monitor.

Aside from its main features, other features of the application are:

• Simple and easy to use even for beginners
• Support for modulating the root frequency
• Support for tuning of MIDI tones