Digital File Shredder Pro

Migo (Freeware)

Digital File Shredder Pro is a secure deletion program developed by Migo and released on August 2008. The program enables users to delete files and programs securely from the computer without leaving any trace. It is a system maintenance program designed to relieve some storage space in the computer without compromising security. Any files deleted using this program can no longer be recovered.  

Digital File Shredder Pro user interface features a classic grey theme. The Menu bar has the following options—File, Run, View, Tools, and Help. The task bar has 3 tabs corresponding to Shred Center, System Cleaner, and Options. The Shred Center tab features the file list on the upper half, displaying the files for shredding. Users may add files using the Browse button or by dragging and dropping files into the window. The bottom half features Advanced Shredding Tools box providing options for Automated shredding or Quick shredding. It also provides access to three Shredding tools—Shred Recycle Bin, Shred Deleted E-mail, and Shred Free Disk Space buttons. The System Cleaner tab provides a list of all the folders contained in the storage media. Users can clean specific folders by clicking on corresponding checkboxes. Users may configure scheduled system cleaning by saving a cleaning job.  The Option tab provides access to General options, File Shredder options, System options, and Advanced options.