Digital DJ Pro 1.0

Music Oasis (Open Source)

Digital DJ Pro is a virtual DJ application from Music Oasis. It is a program used to create audio mixes. The program allows two different tracks to match in beats. This action allows for the crossfading of two tracks. The program simulates the use of a physical mixer set. It also works with different audio formats such as WMA and MP3.

The program supports the drag and drop system. The user can choose a track from the audio library. The track can then be dragged into the player. From there, the user can configure the audio. The user can tune the song. The program also allows removal of percussions and vocals from the track. The user can also slow down or speed up a song through a pitch slider.

Digital DJ Pro can also be used to mix two audio tracks together. The user needs to match the beats first. This is possible through the Sync button. The user can then use a variety of controls including the crossfade feature. The result would be a song fading to another. The user has the option to continue the effect to the end. The user can then save the mixed track. To prepare a new mix, the user can queue two new tracks. This is possible through the drag and drop action as well.