Digital - A Love Story 1.1

Christine Love (Freeware)

Digital - A Love Story is a game in the interactive fiction genre. The story of this visual novel is told through the use of text. The game’s interface looks like a computer from the late Eighties, complete with online Bulletin Board System (BBS) messages and posts from other characters. The story is linear, and tells of the player’s web-based relationship with a certain girl as well as their attempts to find a solution to a mystery that involves the deaths of a number or artificial intelligences.

In this game, players log on to Bulletin Board Systems where they can access and reply to the messages posted or sent by other people. The messages that players receive are displayed in another program. To access a BBS, players must have the phone number for that particular board. There are boards that need a long-distance number in order for them to be reached; for these, players must use calling card numbers that are obtained through illegal means. Players must also create a user account for boards in order to access them or know the passwords for the boards.

Players begin by receiving the telephone number to a local board and logging on. They will then be able to view the topics posted on the board, and respond to a message. As they converse, players will learn of another BBS and how to access boards in another area code.