DigiDoc Client (Shareware)

DigiDoc Client is an application for MS Windows that is capable of verifying digitally signed files. It is one of the utilities that make up the DigiDoc system framework. The whole package includes Webservice, base and intermediate libraries, as well as end-user applications. Aside from verification, this utility has other related functions.

This program, written in Virtual Basic, is created to make and verify files that are digitally signed. The procedures on creating and verifying files are based on ETSI TS 101 903 (XAdES) specs. This tool has decryption and encryption capabilities as well, and works effectively with both signed files and unsigned files. The encryption/decryption functions are based on the W3C XML Encryption Recommendation.

This utility is versatile and multi-functional. The features of DigiDoc Client include:
• Signing: OCSP, smart-card support, and certificate support
• Verification with a print-out of confirmation printout
• Encryption and decryption

In addition, DigiDoc Client is designed to do self-updating. It can be used to send e-mails as well. DigiDoc Client is designed such that it is capable of being integrated into Windows Explorer.

DigiDoc Client is a tool that utilizes DigiDoc COM-library which in turn utilizes DigiDoc C-library. The graphical user interface of DigiDoc Client is represented in terms of the functionality of the library.